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Post Dordt 2010 exhibition

17th August 2010 by jimini Comments Off on Post Dordt 2010 exhibition

Been invited to participate in Post Dordt 2010 with a performance at the opening and an installation made up from The Detroit Diary along with a video of the ‘Special Attention’ presentation – great! Opens Saturday 28th August at 17hrs in the CBK in Doordrecht, runs until September 29th. Here’s the invite with more details.

The Way It Is

4th January 2010 by jimini Comments Off on The Way It Is

Here’s a short clip from an ongoing project – the story of Adam and Eve, as told by my homeless collaborator, Barbara. [ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ] (It takes a minute or so to load, particularly if your computer is as turgid as mine!) […]