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Breakdown of control

22nd May 2010 by jimini Comments Off on Breakdown of control

An evening of ideas, discussions, presentations and more, on the topic of, The breakdown of control and surveillance situations – Detroit, The Netherlands and Karachi for example. From the viewpoints of technology, art and self-organising. On Thursday June 3rd 2010, OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, at 20.00u Rob van Kranenburg will discuss ‘The breakdown of control […]

The Way It Is

4th January 2010 by jimini Comments Off on The Way It Is

Here’s a short clip from an ongoing project – the story of Adam and Eve, as told by my homeless collaborator, Barbara. [ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ] (It takes a minute or so to load, particularly if your computer is as turgid as mine!) […]

The Guide

4th January 2010 by jimini Comments Off on The Guide

‘The Guide’ issue of Volume magazine – #22, December 2009 – has a section entitled Atlas of Love and Hate, on the Detroit Unreal Estate Agency. There are 4 pages dedicated to my work – diary excerpts from the days leading up to the interventions on burned out houses, plus photographs. And Lado Darakhvelidze’s ‘Future […]