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Post Dordt 2010 exhibition

17th August 2010 by jimini Comments Off on Post Dordt 2010 exhibition

Been invited to participate in Post Dordt 2010 with a performance at the opening and an installation made up from The Detroit Diary along with a video of the ‘Special Attention’ presentation – great! Opens Saturday 28th August at 17hrs in the CBK in Doordrecht, runs until September 29th. Here’s the invite with more details.

Book launch!

1st July 2010 by jimini Comments Off on Book launch!

The Detroit Diary is here at last! There’s going to be a launch of all this year’s DAI publications on Saturday July 3rd, at The Ateliers in Amsterdam. ‘PERFORMING REALITY’ Saturday 3 July 16.00 – 19.00 Exhibition Werkplaats Typografie, De Ateliers, Stadhouderskade 86, 1073 AT Amsterdam BOOK LAUNCH 12 Artist’s books, 16.00 PUBLIC LECTURES, 17.00 […]

Breakdown of control

22nd May 2010 by jimini Comments Off on Breakdown of control

An evening of ideas, discussions, presentations and more, on the topic of, The breakdown of control and surveillance situations – Detroit, The Netherlands and Karachi for example. From the viewpoints of technology, art and self-organising. On Thursday June 3rd 2010, OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, at 20.00u Rob van Kranenburg will discuss ‘The breakdown of control […]

The Sky is Falling…

20th January 2010 by jimini Comments Off on The Sky is Falling…

Wednesday, May 26th (2010), in the Waag, Amsterdam, Rob van Kranenburg’s arranging an evening to juxtapose some stuff – probably bits of my abandoned police station, Detroit project, ‘Special Attention’ – Rob’s rant ‘The end of the Netherlands in twelve steps’ – and something to do with somewhere beginning with a ‘K’ in India (he […]

Bad news leads to double good news…

18th January 2010 by jimini Comments Off on Bad news leads to double good news…

Just when I thought I’d found the perfect writer for my ‘Special Attention’ publication, there was an email from Michael Uwemedimo saying that he regretted having to cancel but that he was locked in a car-boot somewhere in England as part of a Hostile Environments Training which his subsidy-givers have insisted he take before returning […]