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Political inclinations…

12th January 2011 by jimini Comments Off on Political inclinations…

Prompted by the Open Call for the 7th Berlin Bienniale‘s request to be informed about artists’ political inclinations, I have managed to reduce the passionate and subjective rant of my MFA thesis to 1000 words of passionate and subjective ranting. Same old title – here it is… HOW TO GO ON Making Art When Everything […]

Back from Manifesta-8

31st October 2010 by jimini Comments Off on Back from Manifesta-8

Our Temporary Art Souvenir shop in Murcia turned into quite a sucess – press coverage in the papers and even on the telly! Here’s a couple of pictures of Hedwig Feijen, Manifesta’s director, visiting the shop. And here carefully avoiding the busts I made of her… Although the shop’s finished, maybe my souvenirs of Ibn […]

Unsolicited Advice

4th January 2010 by jimini Comments Off on Unsolicited Advice