‘Gift for Dr. Matlock’ – knitting displayed on a kitchen table, attempts at knitting a jumper made up of vaginal labia, a gift for the nightmarish Dr.Matlock, a charismatic million-dollar, plastic surgeon who persuades women to have their genitals lasered to look like those of an airbrushed Playboy centrefold.

Gift for Dr Matlock-Textile Museum

Gift for Dr Matlock-knitting

Click here to read ‘Come Armageddon‘ – the story about how the work came into being pdficon_small.

The work was shown in excellent company (incl. Rozemarie Trockel, Elaine Reichek) as part of the Knitted Worlds exhibition at the Audax Textile Museum in Tilburg – 14-03-2009 / 14-06-2009
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Sandra Smets reviewed the exhibition in NRC-next newspaper.
“Hignett’s Gift for Dr. Matlock can be seen as a key work in Knitted Worlds. It combines feminist artistic traditions with current affairs. Socio-political and societal art play a leading role in the exhibition.”
To see the article (in Dutch) on Sandra Smets’ blog click here, or for a pdf click on the newspaper –
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