In this on-going project, I scrape up squashed animals which have been run over and model them in clay. Very detailed, fragile bones, flimsy feathers, sunken fur, inviting one to peer closely – the delicate handwork is enticing, attractive but also a hideous tableau – a squished animal. The intense attention the roadkills receive whist they are modelled imbues the work with an awareness that someone has spent hours poring over a rotting cadaver, this plays a role in the way the viewer experiences the work. That the models are earthenware lends them something of a monument, an ode to the animal.

A4095 BlackBourtonRd 19-12-2005

A4095 StationRd BrizeNorton 24-10-2004

A4095 Lew 28-12-2007

N484 Provincialeweg 23-9-2007

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