Jimini Hignett C.V.



Artist in residence, researching Human Trafficking, Immigration and the Bijlmer, at BijlmAIR, CBK-Zuidoost, Amsterdam (ongoing)

‘Number One Tourist Attraction!’ solo installation in the Amsterdam Museum (upcoming)


Lecture performance ‘Business As Usual’, Amsterdam University, Amnesty International group

Research project on Prostitution and (in)Justice in Senegal, ‘Collapse of Justice’ in Dakar and Diourbel, Senegal

‘Handle With Care’ (with Patricia Kaersenhout), installation, discussions and debates on human trafficking, in various cities in Albania, Macedonia & Kosovo – commissioned by the Dutch embassies

Production of eight new videos for ‘The Prostitution Monologues’


Research, preparatory work and try-outs of (parts of) ‘The Prostitution Monologues’

Lecture-performances of Todo Sigue Igual in Buenos Aires at Museo de la Mujer, Ex CCDTyE Olimpo (Educacion Populair series), & Florencia Varela, and in Amsterdam

Participate with Huisvesting Weerspigelt Succes in group exhibition Huisvesting Weerspiegelt Succes at Witte Rook, Breda


Todo Sigue Igual – Solo exhibition at Museo de la Mujer, Buenos Aires, Argentina – using video, photos, texts, and sculpture to thread through the haze of subtle propaganda concerning prostitution that permeates our day-to-day lives. Subject of an in-depth review in Pagina-12 newspaper, and the subject of several national radio broadcasts

Participate with photos in group exhibition, MuseumLab Framing Prostitution in the Amsterdam Museum


Handle With Care – Dakar (with Patricia Kaersenhout) artists in residence invited by Dutch ambassador – exhibition, installation, about women’s rights, trafficking and immigration

BK-blad publishes my article about residency in Dakar

Residency at Care-Of, Milan resulting in installation Mappa Sensoriale de Milano (collaboration with Doris Denekamp), at Care-Of, Milan, (initially produced as part of The Grand Domestic Revolution Goes On in Milan), plus performative, honey-tasting event


If Bees Are Few… Commission, design of Non-Urban Garden for Gardens of the 21st century at Kunstvereniging Diepenheim (collaboration with Doris Denekamp). A critical reflection on the causes underlying the decline of bee populations in recent years.
A sculpture in the rural landscape and a book in collaboration with designer Anna Haas.


Mulier Sacer project dealing with the issue of prostitution, includes publication & performance lectures. In collaboration with victims of human trafficking. Publication supported by Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten, reviewed in various academic journals.

Ver van Mjin Bed video installation in Handle With Care duo-exhibition with Patricia Kaersenhout for ‘Emancipatie Zwart & Wit’, exhibition in Amsterdams Tropenmusem reflecting on 150 years abolition of slavery in the Netherlands. Forced prostitution as contemporary slavery.


‘Just what is it that makes today’s revolution so different, so appealing?’ Performance Lecture at the Rietveld Academy was both a beginners’ guide to the Occupy movement as well as a personal, sometimes critical, account of events at Amsterdam’s Occupy Beursplein – Slowness, Solidarity, Vulnerability

Bella live broadcast via Skype for Lado Darakhvelidze’s Museum TV Station at SMART Project Space Amsterdam – on Occupy at the 7th Berlin Biennial

Occupy Chain (Collaboration, Artists in Occupy Amsterdam) as part of Artur Zmjewski’s 7th Berlin Biennial

Occupy and the Politics of the Commons – discussion presentation with Elke Uitentuis and Michael Hardt, at Social Centre De Valreep, Amsterdam


Keynote Lecture-performance, Special Attention at the 3-day International conference ‘Practicing Theory’, ‘Imagining, Resisting & Remembering’, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis

Revolutionary Karaoke, for Occupy Beursplein in Amsterdam – emphasising solidarity both between different struggles emanating from different communities and countries & connecting today’s struggles with those of the past

Lecture-performance, How To Go On… at the International conference ‘The Spirit Level’, Dept. Intercultural Communication, Hogeschool InHolland, Amsterdam

Work with Chto Delat on ‘Museum Songspiel – The Netherlands 20XX’ – décor, costumes, casting, dialogue etc etc – SMART Project Space, Amsterdam & the Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven


The Detroit Diary – publication, paperback book (DAI) – wins Best Swiss Book Award (designer Anna Haas is Swiss)

Performance lecture of Bella – (poverty and class in Birkenhead, Merseyside) for Lado Darakhvelidze’s Museum TV Station at PS2 in Belfast for MTVS in Belfast

Temporary Art Souvenirs collaborative project (DAI), parallel-event at Manifesta-8 in Murcia & Cartagena, Spain

Special Attention performance lecture and installation in POST-DORT 2010, exhibition Masters graduates NL, Centre for Contemporary Art CBK Dordrecht, NL

OPEN nr.19, ‘Beyond Privacy’ publication of photos from ‘Special Attention’ project with article by Rob van Kranenburg


Volume Magazine, Speramus Meliora text & photos about my work in Detroit

Winner design competition for a Mobile Art Space in ‘Spirited Caravans: re-imagining Bangalore’s outdoors’ at Protospace, Bangalore, India

Speramus Meliora – work in public space, Detroit, & lecture presentation ‘The Authentic Detroit Experience’, MOCAD Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, (DAI)


Participate with Gift for Dr. Matlock and Suit for a Skeleton in group exhibition Knitted Worlds, Textile Museum Tilburg, NL, with Elaine Reichek, Rosemarie Trockel, Maria Roosen a.o.

Arnhem Fashion Biennial, ‘La Maison de Poupee’, with Ceramic Roadkill

How To Go On making art when everything is all fucked up – book

Survival Strategies nr.1 – performance – De Kop, Breda, NL (PostStJoost)


2010 The Detroit Diary – publication, paperback book (DAI) – wins Best Swiss Book Award (designer Anna Haas is Swiss)

1990 First prize for best scenario The Portrait of Natasha at International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam, fl 250,000 COBO-fonds

2014 Investeringssubsidie from Tijlfonds/Prins Berhardfonds
2013 Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten for ‘Ver van Mijn Bed’ in Tropenmuseum
2012 Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten for publication ‘Mulier Sacer’
2010 Stichting Stokroos funding towards publication The Detroit Diary
2007-08/2008-09/2009-10 Neeltje Buis Opleidings Fonds, Henriette Beck Fonds, Max Cohen Fonds, Christine Stichting (grants towards MFA study)
1993-4 bursary from the Dutch Film Fund to co-write ‘The Beholder’, mockcumentary
1993 bursary from the NCO (governmental commission for co-operation with developing countries) to write a creative documentary situated in Cuba
1991 Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties 250.000,- guldens for production of documentary The Portrait of Natasha, IDFA scenario prize winner

Sept. 2008 – July 2010 : Dutch Art Institute (DAI) ArtEZ Master of Fine Art
Sept. 2007 – July 2008 : Post St.Joost