Museo de la Mujer

Posted by jimini - 12/11/16 at 07:11 pm

The solo exhibition Business as Usual revolves around the theme of prostitution as a worldwide phenomenon promoted by an industry that earns huge sums of money from the use (abuse) of women’s bodies.
In Amsterdam, brothel-keeping was legalised in 2000, cleverly packaged as part of a liberal, forward-thinking attitude toward sex in general, and the antipathy of prim moralism, this move reinforced the country’s dubious honour of being the torch-bearer for liberalised prostitution laws and consolidated its reputation as a centre for sex-tourism. The exhibition uses video, photos, texts, and sculpture to navigate the haze of subtle propaganda concerning prostitution – imagery that promotes and reinforces the view of the prostituted woman as the self-reliant, strong, independent, ‘happy hooker’ – a notion that makes perversely clever use of the feminist principle of female autonomy whilst protecting the sex-industry’s interests and preventing us from seeing the very real pain and distress that exist.
Museo de la Mujer – Pasaje Dr. R. Rivarola 147, Buenos Aires

November 2016 – Tuesday – Saturday 15-20h
and on Museum Night – October 29th, 20-03h

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