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Posted by jimini - 24/12/13 at 11:12 pm

MULIER SACER is out!  Order your copy at Books.
Also on sale now in Amsterdam at the Stedelijkmuseum bookshop, Tropenmuseum shop, International Bookshop Fort van Sjaako, Boekhandel van Pampus on de KNSM-laan, and of course, San Serriffe Art Bookshop at 30 St.Annenstraat where the launch took place on Thursday January 16th.
Books-0148The title is taken from the Latin term Homo Sacer. Giorgio Agamben in, Homo Sacer, takes the definition from Pompeius Festus’ – “the one whom the people have judged on account of a crime,” and who can be killed without legal consequence. Slavoj Žižek defines today’s homo sacer as “the privileged object of humanitarian biopolitics: the one who is deprived of his or her full humanity being taken care of in a very patronizing way” – a ‘fugitive’, ‘outsider’ or ‘non-citizen’ who neither makes, nor enjoys the protection of, the law.

“As an inhabitant of this city, which generates such a large proportion of its income through the prostitution industry, the issue is one I feel compelled to tackle with my work, but I struggle to find a way to approach it as an artistic project… so many feminist controversies, so many complexities ­ I am wary of the battleground. How to make art from something this desolate, this vulnerable?”

In Mulier Sacer I juxtapose the fragile stories and photographs of women who have escaped from forced prostitution in the Netherlands with other pieces of writing – ­ an essay about the uneasy relationship between prostitution and feminism by Professor Maggie O’Neill, a selection of blog entries by an ex-prostitute turned abolitionist, an interview with a sociologist who procures sex-workers for her handicapped clients, and a proposed change in Dutch legislation by a crown prosecutor specialising in human trafficking.

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